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Effective November 1st, 2022 all rabbits coming to the shelter for bonding or grooming appointments need to have current vaccination against RHDV2.

Get your Rabbit Groomed at the Shelter!

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General Grooming Tips

  • Nails

    • Nail trims are typically needed for your rabbit every two months. If you aren't comfortable clipping your bunny's nails, we can do it for you!

  • Scent Gland Cleaning

    • We suggest that scent glands should be checked at the same time as nail trims are done. Some rabbits produce more scent musk than others and some may never really need a cleaning. We're happy to check them for you to help keep your bunny comfortable!

  • Brushing

    • Help prevent blockages in your rabbit's GI Tract by regularly grooming your bunny. If your bunny needs a little more grooming attention because of mats or a heavy shed, we can help! Angoras and other long haired rabbits need special attention when it comes to their fur.

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