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Application Process

After you submit an application it usually takes about 2 weeks to get a response. Please add us to your contacts. Our response email sometimes ends up in your spam folder.

Adoption Guidelines

The adoption questionnaire is a pre-adoption screening application. You will not be officially approved to adopt until you visit the shelter. We try to ensure the best possible match between rabbit and adopter or between rabbit and rabbit (if this is a bonding situation).

The adoption fee is $100 for a single rabbit, $150 for a pair and $200 for a trio.

Keep in mind the following points:

  • Rabbits must be housed indoors only. No unsupervised time outdoors. Never housed overnight outdoors.

  • Rabbits should get a minimum of 30 hours of uncaged time each week.

  • Rabbits may under no circumstances be declawed.

  • Indoor rabbits live an average of 8-12 years. We are looking for those special adopters who will make every effort possible to keep their companion for their entire life despite lifestyle changes (divorce, moving, kids going to college, etc.)

  • Rabbits may not be adopted as gifts. All members of a household should make an effort to be present for the adoption appointment.

  • Rabbits will not be placed in a home where there is an un-neutered or un-spayed rabbit UNLESS THERE IS A MEDICAL REASON DETERMINED BY A VETERINARIAN.

  • We do not adopt rabbits to children. We DO adopt rabbits to families.

    • Parents/adults/guardians must fill out this application and sign the adoption contract. Please do not have your children call or email.​

    • Primary caregiver MUST be an adult.

    • Applicants who are under 18 years of or who are living with parents must have a parent or legal guardian apply on their behalf.

  • Renters must have landlord approval.​

Approval Process

  • Once you submit an application by completing the questionnaire linked below, it can take up to two weeks to get a response.

  • Every question must be answered or the application will not be processed.

  • If we have questions about your application, we will contact you. Please make sure your contact information is correct!

  • We will notify you when you are pre-approved. Pre-approval means that you can schedule an appointment.

  • Final approval will not be given until you come to the shelter.

  • Most correspondences will be via email.

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