Our shelter offers boarding services to care for your rabbit while you are away from home. We have a knowledgeable staff capable of ensuring all of your bunny's needs are met during their stay. Please see above for a list of our current rates 

We fill up quickly, especially over the holidays, so be sure to book as early as possible!

While you are away on vacation, you can rest assured that your bun or bunnies are receiving excellent, rabbit-experienced care while housed in large, spacious pens. Rates include hay, fresh greens, daily pellets (if we carry your brand), treats and litter.

We take the responsibility of caring for your rabbit very seriously. We will make sure to get your bun any specialized or emergency care they need. You complete a boarding care form so that you can setup guidelines for your rabbits’ daily care and in case of an emergency. 

You can relax knowing there will be attentive eyes on your bunny throughout their stay! 

Preferred Drop-off and Pick-up are Saturdays during normal shelter hours of 11am to 3pm.  Other drop-off/pick-up times are available if requested ahead of time and coordinated with our Boarding Director.

Bunnies must be spayed/neutered to board.