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SEPA-DE HRS Mission Statement

  • Through our shelter foster program, volunteers rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent adoptive homes for them.

  • Through education, we seek to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits — and to improve bunnies’ lives — by helping people better understand these often misunderstood companion animals.  We provide education about proper care of pet rabbits and community outreach to groups requesting rabbit information. 

  • We are against any and all exploitation of rabbits.  We neuter/spay all incoming rabbits, obtain any necessary veterinary care, provide proper housing and food, and attend to their social needs.

Our Team

Officers and Board of Directors

  • Executive Director/President: Theresa Mazzei

  • Vice President: Katie Meginniss

  • Treasurer: Katie Hill

  • Secretary: Linda Ennis

Other Directors / Managers

  • Communications Director: Mel Costello

  • Boarding Coordinator: Katie Hill

  • Adoption Director: Theresa Mazzei

  • Volunteer Director: Maria Berardo

  • Fundraising Director/Chairperson: Melanie Smith

  • Education Director: Bernie Collins 

  • Education Assistant Director: Susan Gianantonio

  • L.L. Bun Store Manager: Katie Meginniss

Chapter Managers

  • Theresa Mazzei

  • Melanie Smith

Chapter Educators

  • Bernie Collins

  • Katie Meginniss

  • Katie Hill

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